Tuesday, October 4, 2011

‘Cops sought money for detainee’s release’

A businesswoman claims that several police officers threatened to detain her brother under the Emergency Ordinance if she fails to pay them.

(Free Malaysia Today) - A businesswoman has lodged a police report alleging extortion by several police officers. In her report lodged in Klang, Chong Choi Yoke, 31, claimed that policemen from the USJ district police headquarters wanted money from her to ensure that her brother was not detained for two years under the Emergency Ordinance.

Relating the matter on behalf of Choi Yoke, her lawyer Keppy Wong (photo) said her brother, Chong Voon Han, was detained by the USJ police on Sept 22 after he had gone to the IPD (police district headquarters) to assist in an investigation.

“Voon Han went there after he was told that the police were looking for him in his office to assist in a probe. He voluntarily went to the police station and was detained on the spot,” said Wong.

Hearing of Voon Han’s arrest from his girlfriend, Choi Yoke went to the IPD but was denied permission to see him.

On Sept 25, a group of policemen brought Voon Han to his sister’s house on the pretext of searching for something. However, she was shocked to see bruises and swelling on her brother’s face.

“Voon Han told his sister that he was assaulted in detention and asked her to give the officers RM500 so that the beating will stop.

“However, she managed to fork out only RM200 and bought a few packs of cigarettes for them (officers),” said Wong, who is also Kampung Cheras Baru DAP chairman.

Later the same day, she received a call from her brother asking her to bank in RM100 to an account which she complied with.

Also on the same day, Choi Yoke received a call from an officer known as ASP Rony who told her to meet him at the Taipan police station.

There, Wong said, Choi Yoke was told by Rony that the police had no case against Voon Han as the latter had a strong alibi.

“Instead of releasing him, Rony threatened to detain Voon Han under the EO unless his sister agreed to pay him some money. Feeling helpless, Choi Yoke told Rony that she can only afford about RM3,000,” claimed Wong.

Bleeding from the head

Two days later, Voon Han was brought to the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court to get his remand extended. There, Wong said, Choi Yoke saw her brother was bleeding from the head.

“The officers also told Choi Yoke to buy food fit for 10 men and deliver it to the Taipan police station,” alleged Wong.

She was also told by her brother at the court that Rony wanted about RM10,000 to secure his release.


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