Sunday, October 2, 2011

BN is too big for us but we can cooperate, says Kita chief Zaid Ibrahim

(Bernama) - KOTA BARU: Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita) can cooperate with Barisan Nasional in certain matters although it will not be joining the coalition, said its president Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

He said although Kita had not been offered to be part of Barisan, it was not impossible to establish such cooperaton with Barisan or any other party, except in the general election and in policy matters.

"Whatever it is, Kita will not join BN which is already big, even if offered," he said after delivering a talk at his residence here.

Zaid said Kita was prepared to contest in the general election although it had not yet prepared a full list of candidates.

He hoped the selected candidates would be accepted by the people, especially in Kelantan, to provide the party an opportunity to correct the mistakes of PAS, which he said had failed to develop the state under its rule since 1990.

"Kita wants to boost Kelantan's economy so that it will be strong like previously and where people's problems like lack of water supply and employment were given priority," he said.

On the hudud issue which is still being harped by Kelantan Pas, Zaid said PAS should be focusing on more important matters than on something which he felt would not be implemented.

Zaid said Pas had raised again the hudud issue to actually win back public support in facing the coming general election and not to implement this Islamic criminal law.


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