Friday, October 14, 2011

Asian news Councilmember Dee Andrews and Cambodian Town, Inc to Host 3rd Annual Cambodian Arts & Culture Exhibition

(Photo: Long Beach Press Telegram)
By Long Beach Post | Staff Reports

Sixth District Councilman Dee Andrews and Cambodian Town, Inc. will host the 3rd Annual Cambodian Arts and Culture Exhibition at 10:00am on Saturday, November 19, at MacArthur Park, 1321 E. Anaheim St.

This is the third year that the open-air festival will have hands-on demonstrations of a variety of art forms from Cambodia's rich and ancient culture. Local Cambodian artisans and culture bearers will share their expertise through interactive demonstrations. "This event is a jewel in our city. It reaches beyond the barriers to bring residents together to celebrate and educate with the beauty of art", said Councilman Dee Andrews.

Among the arts and cultural practices on display will be Cambodian classical dance and costuming, drawing, shadow puppets, music and musical instruments, textiles, dressmaking, weddings, gardening, cooking, and games. This year the Exhibition will begin with a traditional Khmer (Cambodian) prayer ceremony at 10:00am.


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